sip monitoring tools No ratings yet.

Some good monitoring tools: homer: easy to install with docker for its server and install helifpy on a  sip/client/host : nohup ./heplify -hs homer_server:9060 & grep sngrep, ngrep pcap tcpdump/wireshark   Please rate this rating

vim cheat sheet No ratings yet.

useful .vimrc set tabstop=2 set shiftwidth=2 set expandtab inoremap <S-Tab> <C-V><Tab> syntax on set t_Co=256 set colorcolumn=80 “crazy vim, do not allow copy/paste set mouse=v setlocal spell spelllang=en_us “for vert term  ( split vertical vim window) :set splitright :set splitbelow   useful .screenrc # Enable mouse scrolling and scroll bar history scrolling termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@ • Read More »

cross compile native libwebrtc ( on x86_64 host) for arm64 No ratings yet.

Direct compile webrtc on arm64 will fail: webrtc seems does not support direct support on arm, we will get errors: … Running hooks: 18% ( 4/22) sysroot_arm64 ________ running ‘vpython src/build/linux/sysroot_scripts/ –arch=arm64’ in ‘/webrtcbuilds/out’ Installing Debian sid arm64 root image: /webrtcbuilds/out/src/build/linux/debian_sid_arm64-sysroot Downloading Running hooks: 50% (11/22) binutils ________ running ‘vpython src/third_party/binutils/’ in ‘/webrtcbuilds/out’ Host • Read More »

c++ json lib: nlohmann::json No ratings yet.

nlohmann::json is a popluar json lib. code at: document at:   sample code: #include <iostream> 2 #include <nlohmann/json.hpp> 3 4 using json = nlohmann::json; 5 6 int main() 7 { 8  // create a JSON object with different entry types 9  json j = 10  { 11  {“integer”, 1}, 12  {“floating”, 42.23}, 13  {“string”, “hello world”}, 14  • Read More »

Kubernetes Quick Start No ratings yet.

Learning curve for Kubernetes (K8s) could be steep. For most users who are already familiar with basic networking, OS/Linux,  docker container technologies etc, the difficulties , I personally think,  is most likely due to its unique concepts, sometime confusing terms. Based on my learning experience, I wrote a book: Kerbernetes Quick start, hopefully can help • Read More »

webassembly and web audio worklet No ratings yet.

Some notes: web assembly: a cool technology allows you to compile c/c++/rust and other languages into wasm, expose API to javascript world. Web audio worklet/worker: allows developer to intercept audio stream/custom processing A good introduction is at: Advance pattern:     Combination of wasm and audio worklet can do a fair amount • Read More »

How to use gradle to build java app/project from command line No ratings yet.

Install gradle ( on debian 10) Follow download latest gradle at: for example: wget -P /tmp sudo unzip -d /opt/gradle /tmp/ sudo nano /etc/profile.d/ export GRADLE_HOME=/opt/gradle/gradle-6.2.1 export PATH=${GRADLE_HOME}/bin:${PATH} sudo chmod +x /etc/profile.d/ source /etc/profile.d/ gradle -v   Try gradle demo Follow mkdir demo cd demo gradle init # setup gralde project • Read More »

C++ how to replace mutex code with CAS ( compare and exchange ) ( lock-less programming ) 5/5 (2)

It is well known that if  mutex protected codes could potentially be replaced by atomic compare exchange,  thus we cab achieve lock-less programming. In practice, it may need several techniques to get it working. Let’s look at a subscription example: Normal mutex An subscriber  can subscribe some content from a publisher, in other word, a publisher • Read More »

Janus Video Room plugin (how webrtc sfu works) 5/5 (1)

Repo: code: video sfu code at: plugins/janus_videoroom.c How sub/pub works: in its plugin implementation: plugins/janus_videoroom.c , there is: struct janus_videoroom_publisher { GSList subscribers; / Subscriptions to this publisher (who’s watching this publisher) */ GSList subscriptions; / Subscriptions this publisher has created (who this publisher is watching) */ } for every incoming  rtp from a publisher: • Read More »