zookeeper vs etcd 1/5 (1)

Use cases both provide strong consistance for key/value store. zookeeper use ZAB, etcd use raft, usually one leader. normally use as configure store Zookeeper more like file system bin/ -server LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. cli_mt set /zk_test junk get /zk etcd: etcdctl put greeting “Hello, etcd” etcdctl get greeting Documents Please rate this • Read More »

understand CAP theorem No ratings yet.

The CAP theorem states that a distributed system cannot simultaneously be consistent, available, and partition tolerant No distributed system is safe from network failures, thus network partitioning generally has to be tolerated.[7][8] In the presence of a partition, one is then left with two options: consistency or availability. CAP is often misunderstood as a choice at all times of • Read More »

Raft consensus algorithm on distributed system No ratings yet.

Raft: paxos hard to understand, new consensus algorithm consensus algorithm:  Leader elections, log replicate   This Raft library is stable and feature complete. As of 2016, it is the most widely used Raft library in production, serving tens of thousands clusters each day. It powers distributed systems such as etcd, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Cloud Foundry Diego, • Read More »