Ansible quick howto No ratings yet.

Ansible is mainly using ssh to manage nodes, it is an agentless architecture different from chef, puppet. here is quick howto to get started: git clone git:// –recursive $ cd ./ansible $source ./hacking/env-setup sudo pip install paramiko PyYAML Jinja2 httplib2 six sshpass $ echo “” > ~/ansible_hosts $ export ANSIBLE_INVENTORY=~/ansible_hosts simple run: ansible all -m • Read More »

lxc /dev increased from 100k to 500k and some other minor issues No ratings yet.

While using lxc container, one annoying thing is the disk size of /dev was limited to 100k by default, with some hardware ( with lxc.autodev=1), the /dev could go beyond 100k. discussed on the github:, followed the suggestion from Stéphane Graber (stgraber) I submitted the patch to increase the /dev is to 500k ( though • Read More »

what is application container, OS container , VM No ratings yet.

Application container: docker OS containers: LXC, OpenVZ, Linux VServer, BSD Jails, Solaris Zones VM: KVM, VMware, VirtualBox Good images from References   Please rate this rating