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A working source code of a simple demo of AWS Lambda for Android Phone could be found at: Notes: (1) The above code runs good on the real android phone. (2) Running on the Android Emulator, I always got the error: final LambdaFunctionsInterface myInterface =; Method threw ‘java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException’ exception. Cannot evaluate $Proxy0.toString() then it • Read More »

MySQL Binary field how to insert, search No ratings yet. e.g: CREATE TABLE `Test` ( `myhash` binary(16) DEFAULT NULL ) Insert 10E8400E29B11D4A716446655440000 as HEX representation of some chars Insert into `Test` values ( UNHEX(“110E8400E29B11D4A716446655440000”) ); MySQL standard is to use this notation to denote the string as binary… X’9fad5e9eefdfb449′ insertinto assignedresource values(X’9fad5e9eefdfb449′); Search select hex(myhash) from Test where myhash=UNHEX(“110E8400E29B11D4A716446655440001”); Please rate this • Read More »