FAX: Error Far end cannot receive at the size of image 5/5 (1)

Fax ( over VoIP) Error:  Error Far end cannot receive at the size of image Resolution (1): from When you scan from certain Scanners it flips the image horizontally open the image and make sure that to flip it back to letter size vertical. (2)  or use gs to convert  pdf to tiff as the • Read More »

SIP header : Privacy meaning No ratings yet.

SIP protocol always seems to be complicated than I thought/expected. one example : Sip header Privacy This header is like this: Privacy: value the value could be: header, session, user, none, and critical ( defined in RFC 3323) id ( defined in RFC 3325 ) history ( defined RFC 4244 ) The basic idea seems to be • Read More »

WebRTC janus gateway use cases No ratings yet.

If you are  interested in the webrtc, this project is quite interesting great demo at: the source code is at: I did contribute two commits a year ago Time flies!   I feel this project could be used somewhere with some good use cases. If you have some interesting ideas on how to • Read More »

Asterisk real time db and rtcachefriends 5/5 (1)

I tried to use asterisk real time db, and somehow sip show peers does not show anything, After couple of hours googleing , and found this: rtcachefriends (global) If is turned on, Asterisk will cache friends that come from the realtime engine, just as if they had come from . This often helps with items such • Read More »

Gloden rules No ratings yet.

Treat others as you would be treated. Treat others as they would like to be treated.   Some interesting articles:       Please rate this rating

convert PDF 1.1 to other versions No ratings yet.

Someone asked me to convert pdf 1.1 to 1.4,  I googled around, and found this: Pdf 1.1 is forward compatible with pdf 1.4. Everything in pdf 1.1 will work with pdf 1.4 – it’s guaranteed by the spec. Let’s assume that you’ve got some justifiable reason why this is not good enough for you • Read More »

Howto WebEx on Linux 5/5 (2)

This could be useful for our Linux desktop users.  it will help you to get the screen share and video stream on your 64bitLinux desktop. The key is use 32-bits version of JRE/JDK and Firefox (1) install 32-bits JDK firefox. follow I tried this on a 64 bit Ubuntu, it worked. I can see webex • Read More »

Agile scrum? No ratings yet.

It seems everyone has his option how scrum should be run. In an interview, Ken Schwaber said ”I estimate that 75% of those organizations using Scrum will not succeed in getting the benefits that they hope for from it.” ( Can anyone share some successful stories or failure lessons considering >50% (?) failure rate of scrum ( )? • Read More »

Testing/QA in Scrum team No ratings yet. Please rate this rating

Code Ownership on Software Quality No ratings yet. quotes from : The results of our analysis of ownership in Windows Vista can be interpreted as follows: 1) The number of minor contributors has a strong positive relationship with both pre- and post-release failures even when controlling for metrics such as size, churn, and complexity. 2) Higher levels of ownership for the top contributor to a component results • Read More »